“We need business oriented people on the School Board. Kai has her family’s sense of public service; that’s admirable.”

– Ron Duncan, founder GCI

“Kai Binkley Sims is a long-time friend and a problem solver. Kai and I have worked together for over a decade in Alaska politics and projects important to our community. She researches and understands issues prior to making a determination on the best path forward. Kai cares about all of our kids, understands investment and accountability, and will work hard to ensure opportunities for all of our students.”

– Sen. Anna MacKinnon

“Kai has our full support!”

– Sen. Dan and Julie Sullivan

“Running city-wide is a very expensive endeavor to get your message out to the voters. Jeannie found that out first hand when she had the honor of being elected twice and served on the school board. Its a very important responsibilty and we believe Kai will do a great job.”

– Jerry Mackie

“I support Kai Binkley Sims and encourage everyone else to do so as well. She is one of the smartest and most organized people I know. We are so lucky she is willing to run for our school board.”

– Joey Merrick, Business Manager for the Laborers’ Local 341